Dr. Elizabeth Bernhard - Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Elizabeth Bernhard is a registered psychologist in British Columbia and a licensed psychologist in the US and Brazil, with more than 20 years of experience as a clinician and organizational consultant.

Dr. Bernhard started her career in private clinical practice in São Paulo, Brazil, and moved to the consulting world after seeing the profound and dynamic impact of this work on individuals and organizations. She is invigorated by helping leaders gain insight into their skills and deepen their ability to leverage their own and others’ talents to increase effectiveness. Clients appreciate her empathic yet direct manner and clear, practical coaching.

She brings considerable intercultural experience to her consulting work and specializes in working with overseas operations. She has served clients in a variety of industries, including private equity, consumer products, manufacturing, energy, media, and mining and has considerable experience in Brazil and Latin America and works with industry leaders, such as RHR, YSC and LDW.

Clinically, Dr. Bernhard provides Neurofeedback and counselling for all ages, focusing on finding systemic and holistic solutions with clients. She takes a problem solving approach, working with clients to understand issues and develop pathways to resolution. She has a strong mind-body philosophy and thinks systemically about the roles of stressors, nutrition and health, environment and cognition in my work. 

As an organizational consultant, Dr. Bernhard’s work focuses on selection, coaching and development, and cross-cultural effectiveness. She has worked in various industry segments, including consumer products, energy, high tech, management consulting, manufacturing, media, and mining with clients throughout the Americas.

Dr. Bernhard also specializes in working with families to identify effective resources, thinking not only from a psychological or emotional perspective but to understand issues that can impact emotional and cognitive functioning. Her approach is to get to the root of issues, focusing not just on symptom reduction but the root of issues. In such cases, Dr. Bernhard may refer to other specialists to address specific issues that fall outside her area of practice.

Dr. Bernhard has received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Colorado College and Master of Arts and PhD in Counselling Psychology from Northwestern University. 

Dr. Bernhard’s professional Membership affiliations include the American Psychological Association, The Canadian Psychological Association, the Society of Consulting Psychology, the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, The British Columbia Psychological Association and the Conselho Regional de Psicologia in São Paulo, Brazil.